Sunday, January 27, 2008

Subliminal: A Simple Destruction of the False Emotional/Rational Dichotomy

The etymology of subliminal describes a world, the world of human experience, as separated below (sub) the heavens - as marked in this case by the moon (luna, lim)(Steven Pinker, Blank Slate). Yet, these worlds are not separate. The same laws which operate on Earth operate on the Moon. The human eye may retrieve a concept or sudden grouping of concepts in poetry through the eye or ear and for this information to be processes by "reason". This is the ultimate first level. The second level would be the emotional responses to these groupings. Words, phrases or overused images no longer incite an emotional response due to the over stimulation of these groupings that lead to diminishing effect. Yet, Deep Image poets utilized very simple images to profound effect (bone, cold, ash, rain) as in Wrights Poem. It can work, when we first sublimate the reader with images associated with many since-proven-false-associations that come with that simple object or image. As children we associate feelings and premonitions to objects of overlapping lessons. Our experiences are individual, of course, but they are simply "adaptations to an ancestral environment". Outside of Deep Image poetry, the goal would be to find these common experiences through the common ecosystem of the home and reach the memory and emotional centers by re-evaluating accepted truths by inquiring: invariant human action (answering phones, starting a car, anything a mime can do to cue you into what action they are describing) ,observing environments of contemporary ritual (malls, parks, freeways, god damn anywhere really), and finding moments of faith in daily process (credit card approval, driving). The subject is your own. The emotion is your own, but the method is perhaps something WE can investigate and collaborate in. I want to know how to operate in the subliminal. I want the infant's mind in the car seat left in front of the television. I want the imprinting information of duckling of t.v. I understand postmodernism as disappointment in the television as a transcendental signifier. I love nonsequitars and how they operate in religion, these systems of faith I hope we can enumerate together.

The question is.

The Question is how do we clear the slate, make a temporary tabula rasa (the important thing is that there is a slate, and if its clear, well that's a distinction,too) in order to mark our route to meaning or emotion or experience, whatever the end goal. Franke, James. I think we touched on this talking about Gilbert how he uses the not...but coupling in order to create a contrast that eradicates noise from his direction. We are after all using both the instruments of making and receiving sound, simultaneously, when writing. We must have something in mind while insuring the reader has nothing in mind. More later. I"ve arrived though I missed my flight.

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