Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finite Intimacies: Two Ships Wrecking in the Night

What the World Needs Now
is Love, Age Consensual Love

(click on the map

Now Touch Me, Babe. / What Was That Promise That You Made?

Talking Dirty on a Soupcan String Phone
(hook, line and sinker)

Douchebag Phone Message - Watch more free videos

Hiding the Evidence
(on Burying Pinnochio)

Force / Feedings

The Most Infamous & Intimate of the Five Letter Words


text on tape said...

I hope that someday I have the opportunity to say "As a matter of fact, I'm one of the few guys in the city that has nothing wrong with him." Absolutely brilliant.

act robot said...

Wonderful pictures. I'm shocked, in love, and mostly just inspired. T, great posting. This is the right direction: what we can feel through images and how they might give us our wise and everlasting words.