Friday, April 18, 2008


This is something I wanted to try out:


How do you tell if a guy is gay?
What's the difference between a gay guy and a refrigerator?
How do you know you're at a gay picnic?
How do you know you're at a gay church?

After a night of fag sex,
Bob wakes up for work,
goes into the kitchen
only to find his boyfriend jerking off
into a Ziplock bag.
What are you doing? Bob asks.

How many fags does it take to rape a girl?
How do faggots get into college?
What happens if you get on a bus full of fags?
What do you call a fag in a wheelchair?
What do you call a fag in jail?

This faggot goes to the doctor
and asks him to test him for AIDS.
A week later he goes back
and the doctor confirms his worst fears -
the tests showed positive.
The fag is destroyed.
He breaks down and begs the doctor
to prescribe him something,
anything, that will help.

What does AIDS stand for?
What's the first symptom of AIDS?
Why is AIDS a miracle?

How much cum can a faggot hold?
How many fags does it take to keep a fire burning?
How do you make a faggot scream twice?

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c.harris.stevens said...

“ … ‘ Was your mother once in service at the palace?’…the stranger’s quick reply is: ‘No, but my father was’. He would surely like to knock the insolent questioner down for daring to cast aspersions on the memory of his beloved mother with such an insinuations; but this insolent questioner is His Majesty, and one may not knock him down or even insult him if one does not wish to pay for this revenge with one’s whole existence…. The prevention of an insult or an abusive reply by external circumstances happens so often that the tendentious joke is a particular favourite for use in enabling criticism or aggression towards persons in high places who claim authority” (100, Freud, The Joke and its Relation to the Unconscious).

“A situation particularly favourable to the tendentious joke is set up when the intended criticism of protest is directed against one’s self” (106).

These jokes combined with the title, again places the speaker in the role of victim with only the sensational act or description of the act providing the discourse of the poem. There’s no manipulation of perspective, or angle, as our new friend Scott Hammer aptly does in each of his poems so far. The interesting part of these jokes, outside of the expressed homo-eroticism of the speaker, is the possible violence upon homosexuality it expresses. No single person creates the testament that homosexuality will be punished, but through the telling of these jokes, the moral and racial script of action is exposed. I don’t understand why you don’t manipulate this with these jokes, rather than cataloging them for sensational effect as it is. Doesn’t media provide enough shock value? If the violence is presented to us, it must be directed at us, not describing the violence done to the speaker. There is so much you can do with jokes in this poem, its ridiculous. For instance, a few pages later in Freud:

“A wife is like an umbrella. After all, before long one takes a cab"(106, Freud).

I’m just saying. You’ve got to step out of the passive position in order to be effective.