Monday, April 7, 2008

Dear Andre Breton

I had to again find a body that was proof against absolute
and infinte pain.
Those who would have liked to be good and to love me were
not old enough nor numerous enough to resist the others.
that is to say the hell of nameless beasts.
to invite them to listen one needs barricades and bombs.
there is no cosmos where man is his world to himself, alone.
i no longer believe in any notion, science or knowledge,
and especially not a hidden science (a mystic surrealism).
no universal reality, no absolute to be know and to which
one must be led, that is to say, inatiated
to confine oneself in the knowledge of particulars
of castrates and pedants which has been done
by a very limited # of indv.


And my love for the Vesica Piscis of philosophy and psychology.

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