Tuesday, April 1, 2008

स्ताटिक ओं थे इंटरनेट

that means static on the internet, and i don't know how to control that script. that said, the week extolled an enrelenting torrent of mundane and procrastinated memorization in subjects that completely disinterest me, thereby preventing even a minute of time in my true interests: continental philosophy and literature. lets not forget anthropology and pscyhology. human sciences. hows that? how have you been? well i hope. as of tomorrow this blog is up and running again, but in the meantime, enjoy a little bit of this.


Gene said...

He's got a good arm for a guy who killed half a million Iraqis.

c.harris.stevens said...

i had the same thought. actually, i couldn't help but think it naive for them to send such a target into the meadow like that. presidents used to throw the first "pitch" from the stands into the field. an FDR tradition i think. what i found interesting about the video, however, was the differences in crowd reaction as prestented by the media. i can't wait for everyone to turn off their televisions. i think its inevitable as the internet grows. soon enough. soon enough. i leave the future speculation to others, though. i'm concerned with how things are rather than how they will be. that future is always beyond disclosure.