Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Subway Portraits: William Stobb

Mark Rothko gives his copy of The Trial
to a girl he wants to sleep with.
She must be overcast and threatening.
In any case threatening. In any case it works.

To commemorate what passes between them
he paints outdoor figures
gazing at the sea.

The subway scenes make more sense to me.
Nervous glances between passengers
premonition of something sharp flashing out
and in fact he uses a knife to make people thin.

In full exposure, I can't believe the figures.
The sea's like a cartoon --
ha ha time, ha ha vanishing point.

William Stobb on Imagery

Kosslyn's Studies on Mental Imagery

Mental Imagery: Chapter 7 of Stanford's Psych Book. Standford is the Iowa of Psych.

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